How to transfer mail-server settings and all e-mails to another server.
Posted by Philip Vokhmintsev on 25 July 2016 17:05

The instruction how to transfer the settings and e-mails from one server to another:

1. Prepare the new server, install all updates and new mail server version. Register a new server with your pin-code.

2. Then stop the server on the old system and stop the server on a new system. Use "Control panel - Services - UserGate Mail Server - Stop Service" for this purpose.

3. –°opy the "%CSE%\mail" folder from your old server to the new.

Place it to the same folder where you had a mail folder on the old server.

You must copy the file "% CSE%\settings.xml" to the new server that is in the folder "%CSE%",

where %CSE% - a folder with a mail server, usually is the folder "C:\program files\entensys\CSE".

4. Be sure that the destinations to the mail folder are correct. Just check the special variable parameter -  the "settings.xml" called "maildir".

You can open file "settings.xml" with notepad or Internet Explorer.

Check please, that the destination to the mail folder is correct and points to your old folder copied from the old server.

If everything is correct, then it is necessary to launch a new e-mail server. Please, verify that the mail works as usual, but on the new server.

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