Publication of a Web-Server in LAN via DNAT rule in firewall rules.
Posted by Philip Vokhmintsev on 02 December 2014 14:10

To publish a Web server, create a rule to redirect HTTP-traffic from the external interface of the computer with installed UserGate Proxy-Server to a web-server in the local network by specifying as a destination port 80 TCP.
On the Firewall rules - the right click to create a new rule.

On first page choose Source - ANY.

On second page choose destination as - WAN-insterface PC with Usergate Prxoy-Server.

As a service, select HTTP

 Put a ckeckbox "Enable translation" and specify the destination IP-address and port 80.

In our example IP-address is -, and port 80 where Web-Server listen a client requests.

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